Travel Theme: Pink


Travel Theme: Pink



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Weekly Photo Challege: Reflections


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Daily Prompt: Linger

ImageSmoking Kills. Bold black typeface on the beautiful new gold coloured packet. My mother opens it in seconds and scrunches the cellophane in her hand.  Opening cigarette packets is a skill she has perfected over fifty years of smoking at this old farmyard kitchen table. It’s a different brand these days though.

The work is finished. The haybarn is empty now. There are no sheep any more. No crops to be harvested, no cows to be milked, no chickens to feed. There is plenty of time for smoking.

There was little time for relaxing in the old days when my father and uncle and grandmother worked the farm with  her. The crops needed tending; the sheep needed shearing; there was hay in the fields to be taken to the barn for winter. There was no time for sitting about in those days.

Except when they all smoked just after midday.

They rose early. They worked. Grandmother cooked. The men were in the fields. My mother did endless chores.

They prayed briefly at middday and then they ate.

The kitchen would be warm, the fire high in the stove and the doors closed on the cold winds of winter. The smells were cooked bacon and potatoes and onions and farmyard manure on their boots. When the food was gone, the used dinner plates lay on the table with small traces of onion or cabbage while one of them took a packet of Sweet Aftons from the drawer and passed the packet around. A match flared. A hand was cupped around it and the tip of the first Afton glowed red.

We children remained in that circle around the table as the adults left their labours briefly aside and inhaled deeply. We eagerly followed the spirals drifting towards a ceiling that had once been white. Shafts of sunlight lit up the floating wisps of blue that we greedily savoured. I loved nothing more than the smell of Sweet Afton smoke floating around that table. All was well.  Worries about crops and cattle and weather were left aside. Time stood still while the Sweet Aftons lasted.

And then it was suddenly over. My grandmother always stubbed her cigarette out first.
‘This won’t do!’, she declared every day ‘There’s work to be done!’
And she stood up and picked up the dinner plates to put an end to the sin of idleness.

I would have liked to have lingered there with them a while longer.

Daily Prompt: Linger

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Daily Prompt: I Believe

Three Things I Believe to be True

1. There is a person out there who, if I had behaved differently towards them, or they towards me, both our lives would be very different now. I don’t know who that person is.

2. The laws of5211919625_d2b004dd10_n nature treat individual humans as entirely dispensable, just like individual ants or individual leaves, because the laws of nature favour the survival of the species, not the individual.


3. The two phenomena that are most worth knowing about are Time and Space. The two phenomena that we as humans can never know fully are Time and Space


Three Things I Believe to be False

1. Animals are fundamentally different to humans

2. Good and Evil exist independently of human perception

3. That the matching socks will ever find their way back to the sock drawer


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Straight from the tap

Straight from the tap

Straight from the tap

water drops

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Help Needed Urgently by Irish Addict

yes indeed… has been exactly as Healthy Harry predicted …..Harry predicted I’d be addicted….

After a much rejoiced recovery from a seven year Flickr addiction (an instantaneous recovery due to changed format that I cannot navigate)…I now cannot stop trawling WordPress to enter into all of your worlds…all of you people out there in Indonesia, Indiana, Wyoming, Wexford, Wetherford, Willington and Westmeath….I want to lie here all day in my bed and read your stuff, view your pictures, dispense unasked for advice…force you to look at my pig…… and IGNORE MY RESPONSIBILITIES….. HELP!! 

Do not pass by…..I am on my knees here pleading for your advice..well in so far as I can get on my knees while balancing a laptop on them while lying in bed…

Things are headed in the wrong direction…I don’t feel very well …..


So help me please…tell me what to do….my life dépends on you….or at least my laundry…which is languishing unlaundered in the basket behind the bed

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Cute Cat Paws

This cat pic sums up my Saturday…happy weekend people!!!!

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