Daily Prompt: I Believe

Three Things I Believe to be True

1. There is a person out there who, if I had behaved differently towards them, or they towards me, both our lives would be very different now. I don’t know who that person is.

2. The laws of5211919625_d2b004dd10_n nature treat individual humans as entirely dispensable, just like individual ants or individual leaves, because the laws of nature favour the survival of the species, not the individual.


3. The two phenomena that are most worth knowing about are Time and Space. The two phenomena that we as humans can never know fully are Time and Space


Three Things I Believe to be False

1. Animals are fundamentally different to humans

2. Good and Evil exist independently of human perception

3. That the matching socks will ever find their way back to the sock drawer



About Healthy Harriet

An Irish woman who likes colour, taking pictures (especially close ups), talking, writing, knitting little pigs and daffodils, kids, cats, cooking ...and thinking about having a healthy lifestyle (while nibbling on a Jaffa cake)
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