Help Needed Urgently by Irish Addict

yes indeed… has been exactly as Healthy Harry predicted …..Harry predicted I’d be addicted….

After a much rejoiced recovery from a seven year Flickr addiction (an instantaneous recovery due to changed format that I cannot navigate)…I now cannot stop trawling WordPress to enter into all of your worlds…all of you people out there in Indonesia, Indiana, Wyoming, Wexford, Wetherford, Willington and Westmeath….I want to lie here all day in my bed and read your stuff, view your pictures, dispense unasked for advice…force you to look at my pig…… and IGNORE MY RESPONSIBILITIES….. HELP!! 

Do not pass by…..I am on my knees here pleading for your advice..well in so far as I can get on my knees while balancing a laptop on them while lying in bed…

Things are headed in the wrong direction…I don’t feel very well …..


So help me please…tell me what to do….my life dĂ©pends on you….or at least my laundry…which is languishing unlaundered in the basket behind the bed

About Alice in Blunderland

Alice, Blundering through life
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1 Response to Help Needed Urgently by Irish Addict

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Hi, your laundry can wait! Enjoy your weekend!

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