Healthy Soup and Lentils

Soup is becoming a mainstay of my healthy eating routine. I am experimenting with lots of ingredients. Today’s soup consisted of lots of leeks, an onion, a few garlic cloves, large can of lentils and a few small leftover potatoes, seasoned with a stock cube, a dash of soy sauce and lots of pepper and paprika.  Served it with a good dash of lemon juice  and a pinch of salt and It was really hearty and yummy.

I made a soup at the weekend with several red peppers, a can of lentils, an onion and a can of tomatoes and it, too, was delicious.

Lentils or beans in soup are great for protein, general nutrition and for filling you up.

Anything goes really, when it comes to soup…mushrooms are great for flavour (cook at low heat)

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