The Afternoon Nap

is fabulous. There is no feeling of well being like the feeling I get after a good afternoon nap. Well…sleep actually. I’m talking about at least an hour, possibly two.

I am finding that at the weekends I really want to have a nap in the afternoon and that if I do..then afterwards I rise from my bed full of vim and vigour and desire to do things, even things I normally want to avoid….like cleaning the house.

The down side of it is that it eats up time of course.. and my free time is limited…but I suppose it’s as good a way as any to practice ‘rule one’ of my four life rules, which is ‘Take care of yourself’…..zzzzzzzzzzzz…………..zzzzzz…………zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

About Alice in Blunderland

Alice, Blundering through life
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