The ‘Blanket of Life’ Project

1380391_10151933836542870_207553502_nTwo things have just come together in my head and a new project is born….

I started a crochet project a few days ago without knowing what it was going to end up becoming. Right now I have a swatch of black crochet which could be the start of a blanket and some red flower type shapes and a vast amount of bargain yarn.


Browsing through Ravelry I hit upon the idea of colour designs or images in a blanket and that appeals to me.

Then I thought…I will make squares with black background and put different images or designs on each, and use four big squares for the centre of a blanket.

So far so good….but what images or designs??

Then I remembered that we have adopted ‘4 Principles of Life’ in our family which are
1. Take care of yourself
2. Be kind to other people and animals
3. Make good décisions every minute of every day (take responsibility for your actions)
4. Give what you can and only take what you need

And then I thought …I could make a blanket that represents the four principles…and it would be a place to preserve the ideals …for my child and my grandchildren and my great grandchildren and generations to come and …well let’s not carried away…but at least it could be a way to resolve the dilemma of how to use up all this yarn that I got in the January sales

So………Day 1 of the great ‘Blanket of Life Project’ is upon me…..Watch this space…oh I can’t wait to get hooking in lovely colours…..

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Alice, Blundering through life
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