But Its Bland and Boring

Actually its not….  This is one of the big barriers I used to struggle with when it came to healthy eating. I am not finding that at all. Au contraire!

Top tips for flavoursome moist food that is still healthy

– dont be afraid to mix things into ‘salad’ – I add all sorts together. Today I had mackerel, beans, plain fat free yoghurt, yellow pepper, lemon juice and ground black Pepper. It was juicy and tasty.

– add fruit to salads for sweetness

– lemon juice is your friend, as is plain fat free yoghurt

– garlic is great for adding flavour to any hot dish

– curry powder is good to add flavour to any soup – I like it with veg soup

– use real chicken stock (boil bones with celery, carrot, onion and seasoning!) as the base for soup , not cubes

– soy sauce has salt in it but its very useful in small quantities for flavouring anything during cooking

– avoid sauces in jars like the plague unless you are really sure of the contentshoney1

– a little bit of honey is ok in my book, and goes a long way to satisfy a sweet tooth

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Alice, Blundering through life
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