Getting the Unused Trainers Out

Health Harriet Working OutEveryone knows that exercise is critical to any health and well being plan.

Until recently I took the attitude that I’d rather stick pins in my eyes than don a pair of trainers and get moving.

I figured I got enough exercise doing housework and walking to and from the train to the office. But its not so…and its time to admit it.


If you are like me, you need to start slowly with exercise and work up gradually to a decent regular routine. I’m getting off the train two stops early which gives me a twenty minute walk to the office and another twenty minutes back in the evening.I try to go out of the office at lunchtime and do a brisk walking circuit of the local park. Every Sunday I take a long leisurly walk – up to two hours.I try to do a few muscle stretches a few times a day and make sure I loosen out my shoulders, swinging my arms, and rotate my head to help my neck muscles.

The more I exercise, the more I enjoy it. I actually want to exercise these days and ……..miss it if I dont do it! I feel psychologically as well as physically better.

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