HH Has Lost Three Kilos!

Yes..its true…just realised that this blog has been wandering far away from the intended topic of health and well being and getting into things like how to crochet a pig…so I decided to weigh myself and post the results.

I have been doing the healthy routine now for nearly three weeks and my weight has dropped from 85.5 kilos to 82.5 kilos. Yes Yes Yes!!!!

And my waistbands are loosening!!!!! And my jawline is firming up. And tomorrow I will tell you all about the FOOD PLAN …….that is responsible for this wonderous development πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Brief Indulgent Fantasy…
Healthy Harriet this coming summer



About Healthy Harriet

An Irish woman who likes colour, taking pictures (especially close ups), talking, writing, knitting little pigs and daffodils, kids, cats, cooking ...and thinking about having a healthy lifestyle (while nibbling on a Jaffa cake)
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