HH’s Fabulous Food Plan

2444104036_28c2c1acb0_mIt’s very simple really. Its not a diet. Its a set of eating principles that I follow every day.

1. Warm water and lemon juice on waking.

2. ‘Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a princess, dinner like a pauper.’

This usually means porridge made on water, eggs, and fruit for my breakfast – no bread or sugar, low fat milk.

3. Snack mid morning involving some protein, low carbs (eg: peanut butter on crispbread or fruit and cottage cheese or yoghurt)

4. Lunch will be high on protein, high on veg and low on carbs (eg a decent portion of beef, chicken, fish or beans with lots of veg or salad and a small portion of rice etc.) I’m using brown rice, avoiding pasta and if I have potatoes I have a very small portion. Sweet potatoes are better than normal. Homemade soup is also a great option. No cheese. Very very careful with salad dressing but I do use a few dots of it sometimes.

5. Mid afternoon snack – nuts, cottage cheese, fruit, crispbreads, rice cakes or something like that

6. Almost no carbs for dinner – protein and veg again – eat dinner early and eat very little (preferably nothing) between dinner and bedtime

7. I try to keep the portion size reasonable but don’t go hungry. If I am hungry I eat a small amount of porridge made on water, low fat homemade soup or steamed veg with a dot of olive oïl and Pepper.

8. No salt or sauces (low fat yoghurt has to do)

9. No alcohol

10. No fried food or any type of confectionery

11. Plenty of water throughout the day

12. As much tea and coffee as I want (try to take it black)

Core items I am eating

– porridge
– crispbreads and ricecakes
– masses of veg of every type
– cans of kidney beans
– homemade soups
– brown rice
– eggs
– chicken
– lean beef
– fish
– chickpeas
– water
– nuts
– fruit
– low fat yoghurt

Core items I am avoiding or minimising

– bread
– pasta
– sauces/mayonnaise/oils/spreads etc
– anything with sugar
– anything processed
– alcohol

Things I use a tiny bit of

– honey
– olive oïl/salad dressing
– potatoes
– butter (a tiny bit as a starting base to give veg soup flavour)

I actually feel great on this regime and not hungry at all. I have to thank Jorge who wrote down the principles for me and keeps encouraging me to stick to it.

I’m aiming to walk at least 40 minutes every day and more at the weekend.

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