“Stand up at 6 o’clock”

“I stand up at 6 o’clock every morning”, replies my non-native English speaking colleague when I ask her how she manages to be in the office well before me every single day, while living much further away.

“Get straight out of bed when you wake up!” concurs Jorge with enthusiasm and the appearance of a man who was possibly exercising on a beach at dawn.

So that’s where its all been going wrong. I fall asleep every morning with my finger on the snooze button. No torture as exquisite as those moments when I lie there half way between sleep and waking, knowing I must must must haul myself upright and go forth once more into an uncaring world.


The problem starts the night before of course. When I fail to go to bed on time. There are always far more interesting things to do at midnight than sleeping.

So…part one of the daily routine…..

Go to bed by 10pm. Yes 10pm.
And get up strictly at 6am. No malingering. The snooze button is taped over and immobilised.


The amazing thing is that it’s actually really easy.
If I have had a good 8 hours sleep I wake up and WANT TO GET OUT OF BED.

The first few times I did it, I was on the train to work while it was still fully dark AND I COULDN’T GET A SEAT.

That was when it dawned on me that most of the world knows this thing already. Am I in a small minority of people who have struggled all my life to emerge early into the day?

No more. 10pm bed. 6am up. Five days a week. I relax it at weekends but not too much. Must be up and functioning by 9am on Saturday and Sunday.

I want to know how everyone else deals with those first conscious moments ….please share….leave a comment or respond to the poll below…

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