Who the heck is Healthy Harriet?

Nobody. Everybody. A woman who has spent a lot of time being Mum and a lot of time in the office and tried to do everything in between. On the significant day that my colleague Jorge  took me on as a casual non-paying client (in our mutual desire to do anything but settle down to our respective computers that morning) I weighed 85.5 kilos. Thats 13 stone, 6 and a half pounds, or  188.5 pounds. The thing is…. I have been a rather unhealthy Harriet for some time. A woman dragging herself out of bed too often, blearily searching the wardrobe for something that would pass as ‘smart office wear’ and not pinch or squeeze. I was sluggish and tired and spending too long online. Not getting enough exercise. Eating what came my way.

“The biggest problem,” I declared to Jorge, “is that I have not managed to discipline myself into any kind of healthy daily routine.”

So Healthy Harriet is a woman in need of a new way of living. A way that puts Harriet’s wellbeing first. Before work deadlines and projects, before going online, before ironing kids clothes for school, before settling for a bowl of pasta and readymade sauce.

So, what am I doing?

I have devised a CHECKLIST OF DAILY ACTIVITIES and things to monitor. Each day I complete the checklist and comment on how well I have done, what I have learned and so on. Really simple. I will post about each item on my checklist here and share my progress and my challenges over the coming months. I hope the blog may be useful as encouragement or support to someone and that anyone who reads will also share thoughts and expériences too.

Jorge may even visit us here …

About Alice in Blunderland

Alice, Blundering through life
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