How it all began

Something needed to change. And now the change has begun. Ever so slowly, since I made a vague and belated New Year’s resolution……inject a bit of control and discipline over things, over myself really. Simple stuff like getting out of bed early, walking a bit, eating properly, maybe a bit of yoga or meditation. Nothing very unusual in all that but its turning into something that I want to keep going.

A lot of it is down to a conversation on the first day back in the office after the Christmas holidays. That day when your heart sinks as you again push your way through that revolving door and make your way to the lift, knowing there will be deep gloom at every water cooler, once the ‘Happy New Years!’ have been dispensed with.

office door

But Jolly Jorge was on hand. When a chap looks as fit and healthy as Jorge does, you take him seriously. He looks like someone polished him, he’s so glowing with health. Jorge was born to motivate people to live healthy lives, despite being stuck behind screens all day.

We talked…. my new DAILY SELF CARE PROGRAMME was born. Roll up, roll up…read all about it….

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